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Carter N. Nagel  B.A. (Public Admin); LL.B.
Barrister & Solicitor; Notary Public
Member of the AB & BC Bar
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FREE Initial Needs Assessment with a DOUBLE Guarantee

We offer a FREE Initial Needs Assessment of approximately 10-30 minutes during which you speak with a lawyer and, at the end of that time, you are guaranteed the following:

  1. More than one option as to solutions available; and
  2. The next action steps for you to take towards resolving your legal matter.

Anywhere - Anytime

Our office hours are Monday to Saturday, 6:00 am - 9:00 pm MST, or 24/7 by special arrangement.

You can meet with us at our office in Cochrane, AB, or at your convenience:

  • in-person via house calls, your office, job site, coffee shop, hospital, or anywhere! Our outreach area includes City of Calgary, MD of Rocky View, MD of Bighorn, Kananaskis, Mountain View County, MD of Foothills, and Banff.
  • electronically via Skype webcam, online, telephone conference - anywhere in the world.


  • Easy payment options: We accept cash, cheque, or online Interac bank transfers.
  • Strategies to fit your budget, including: unbundled piecemeal services, background coaching for self-representation, hired on Retainer Engagement with deposit to take conduct of a matter, or hired as standby on a General Retainer basis.
  • Premium client offerings for long-term clients who drive our business.

Different -- but Better!

  • One of the most technologically-advanced cloud-computing virtual law firms in Canada.
  • "KISL" (Keep It Simple Lawyer) Principle: We focus on what is most important and then aim for practical solutions.
  • "Straight Answers - Sound Advice": It may not necessarily be "good news" but you can expect an honest assessment, clear legal advice, and professional, empathetic, and respectful treatment. We don't make promises we can't keep.
  • "Client-Centered" Approach: You retain both the authority and responsibility over your legal matters. We make sure you are fully informed and can decide your own tailor-made way to resolve your matter. Even if it's out of the norm, we find a way to make it happen.
  • "Holistic" Approach: We take a 360-degree view of what's available to assist you. We welcome and encourage collaboration with other professionals and resources to provide you with what you need.
  • Professional, Punctual, and Adaptive to your preferences and work environment.
  • Quality, Affordability, Convenience, Flexibility of Options, Comprehensive Advice.

One-Stop legal services to businesses and individuals worldwide

  • All topics of law covered excluding Real Estate and Mortgage transactions.
  • Anywhere in Canada excluding Quebec, Yukon, NWT, & Nunavut.
  • Inception to Exit handling of legal matters.
  • One time consultation, specific mandate, or stand-by retainer general counsel.
  • Special emphasis on creating Alternative Solutions and, where necessary, Trial Law advocacy.
  • Engagement of agent-counsel or referral where more specific service needs are required.
  • Trusted guidance/translation throughout certain legal matters.


We are constantly adding to our network of legal service providers to serve you better but if we do not have someone on our Team that best suits your needs, we find someone that does.

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